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How to...
How to...
Chapter I
Chapter II
First pieces
Chapter III
Chapter IV
My first guitar repertory
Chapter V

You are at page No. 3Play Guitar - The Chapters Must read!

Play Guitar method, is a process for studding guitar, that crosses five logical chapters, and an opening chapter which I have named: "How to..."

How to... How to...
The "How to..." chapter guides us in all the "how to..." questions:
How to hold and place the guitar.
How to place your right and left hands in a correct playing position.
How to tune the guitar.
How to stroke the strings with your right hand fingers.
How to read and practice duration.
How to read the numeric system (tab) and more.

"How to..." is an extremely important chapter! Please read it all and assimilate it, step by step.

Privatization Chapter I. Privatization
In the Privatization chapter, we shall learn to activate each hand and finger separately.
That is way I named this chapter: Privatization.
We will practice the right hand thumb on the bass strings, than the right hand fingers, on the soprano strings. Then, we will practice each of the left hand's fingers - separately.
The Privatization chapter is an important preparation for the next chapter:

Combinations Chapter II. Combinations
In this chapter we shall combine the individual elements into integrated and coordinated playing actions:
First, the right hand thumb playing against the other fingers, than gradually we shall combine the left hand fingers...

First pieces Chapter III. First pieces
Now let's say you are a guitarist on the road... and it is about time that you will play some pieces for your friends, parents, teachers or any one.
In this chapter you will find some really nice pieces such as: Johnathan the Tiny, a short Baroque piece, Waltz, Autumn leafs, Malaguena and even a Blues.
Do learn some of them by heart; - like the Walls, Blues, etc. - they are easy and great fun.

Notes Chapter IV. Notes
Here, we shall gradually learn how to read and play from notes.
It will be much easier now, as we already know the basic playing positions, so we can concentrate on the notes. Gradually, note-by-note, finger-by-finger, string-by-string, we shall play from notes

In Chapter IV, Learning notes, there is a significant expansion of music!
In fact, it is a whole full guitar's notes-method - within the
Play Guitar program!
for more information.

On the last pieces, of every page - On Chapter IV - you will see this image: When you will click the For example... "play" button, you will get a playback arrangement for the current piece. Let's call this option: "2 play". For more information click:
In this chapter you will cross some beautiful tunes as a preparation for the last chapter:

My first guitar repertory Chapter V. My first guitar repertory
I selected a lullaby as an opening tune for this Chapter.
It is an amazing beautiful melody by its innocence and simplicity.
Than we shall play some short guitar pieces written by great guitar masters, like: Giuliani, Carcassi, Carulli and Sor.
I strongly recommend you to learn these compositions by heart ...while you are improving your sound and dynamics for an intimate performance for friends or family.

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